Serger Repair

We repair and service all makes and models of Sergers. Your Serger should provide you with professional edges with little effort compared to traditional sewing, and you should be able to use your overlock/Serger sewing machines for adding decorative trims, making rolled hems and sewing elastic. Your tensions need to be set properly to provide the best stitch you can make.

Bring your Serger in for a tune-up or repair.

Some Common Serger Repair Services may include:

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.27.12 PMBalance the stitches
  • Adjust tensions
  • Adjust Serger timing
  • Needle bar timing
  • Needle systems
  • Proper looper installation and timing
  • Thread breaking fixes
  • Lubricate
  • Knife installation, sharpening, and adjustment